AudioContext Fingerprint Test Page

This page tests browser-fingerprinting using the AudioContext and Canvas API. Using the AudioContext API to fingerprint does not collect sound played or recorded by your machine - an AudioContext fingerprint is a property of your machine's audio stack itself. If you choose to see your fingerprint, we will collect the fingerprint along with a randomly assigned identifier, your IP Address, and your User-Agent and store it in a private database so that we can analyze the effectiveness of the technique. We will not release the raw data publicly. A cookie will be set in your browser to help in our analysis. We also test a form of fingerprinting using Flash if you have Flash enabled.

This page is a part of Princeton CITP's Web Transparency and Accountability Project. For questions or concerns email and

JS/CSS and Flash font detection methods provided by fingerprintjs2 library.


AudioContext Fingerprints

AudioContext properties:

Fingerprint using DynamicsCompressor (sum of buffer values):

Fingerprint using DynamicsCompressor (hash of full buffer):

Fingerprint using OscillatorNode:


Fingerprint using hybrid of OscillatorNode/DynamicsCompressor method:


Canvas, Javascript, and Flash Font Detection

Canvas font detection:

JS/CSS font detection:

Flash font detection: