AudioContext Fingerprint Test Page

This page tests browser-fingerprinting using the AudioContext and Canvas API. Using the AudioContext API to fingerprint does not collect sound played or recorded by your machine - an AudioContext fingerprint is a property of your machine's audio stack itself. As of March 31st, 2018 this test page no longer saves fingerprints for research purposes. When you view your fingerprint, no data is transferred to us. We also test a form of fingerprinting using Flash if you have Flash enabled.

This page is a part of Princeton CITP's Web Transparency and Accountability Project. For questions or concerns email and

JS/CSS and Flash font detection methods provided by fingerprintjs2 library.


AudioContext Fingerprints

AudioContext properties:

Fingerprint using DynamicsCompressor (sum of buffer values):

Fingerprint using DynamicsCompressor (hash of full buffer):

Fingerprint using OscillatorNode:


Fingerprint using hybrid of OscillatorNode/DynamicsCompressor method:


Canvas, Javascript, and Flash Font Detection

Canvas font detection:

JS/CSS font detection:

Flash font detection: